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lfc v bolton 2 0 #media dmcs-4437817
lfc at the sea odyssey event #media dmcs-6605209
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one day ill play for liverpool fc #media dmcs-4330649
anfield framed panoramic print #media dmcs-8686797
anfield match in action framed panoramic #media dmcs-8686799

LFC v Bolton (2-0)


Liverpool Sea Odyssey


One day I'll play for Liverpool FC.


Anfield Framed Panoramic Print


Anfield Match in Action Framed Panoramic

anfield framed panoramic montage #media dmcs-8686803
west bromwich albion v liverpool premier league #media dmcs-9386463
the kops last stand #media dmcs-4437791
anfield stadium view from anfield road of empty stadium #media dmcs-4454484
anfield stadium empty view from halfway line #media dmcs-4454486

Anfield Framed Panoramic Montage


West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League


The Kop's Last Stand


Anfield Stadium - view from Anfield Road of empty stadium


Anfield Stadium - empty view from Halfway line

the managers view of anfield #media dmcs-4454522
new dawn over anfield #media dmcs-4454516
30041994 the kops last stand #media dmcs-4330627
03101981 the kop commemorates bill shankly #media dmcs-4545413
bolton wanderers v liverpool premier league #media dmcs-4493867

The manager's view of Anfield


New Dawn over Anfield


30.04.1994 The Kop's last stand


03.10.1981 The Kop commemorates Bill Shankly


Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool - Premier League

03052005 liverpool v chelsea semi final ch league 2nd #media dmcs-4437821
the kop in full cry #media dmcs-4533481
stadium fans #media dmcs-7648909
25052005 lfc v ac milan champions league final #media dmcs-4437829
champions league final lfc v ac milan #media dmcs-4437823

03.05.2005 Liverpool v Chelsea - Semi Final Ch League 2nd leg (1-0)


The Kop in full cry


Stadium & Fans


25.05.2005 LFC v AC Milan - Champions League Final


Champions League Final LFC v AC Milan

stadium fans #media dmcs-8420346
the kop #media dmcs-4510321
youll never walk alone #media dmcs-4534217
were not english were scouse #media dmcs-4533477
new dawn over anfield #media dmcs-4874390

Stadium & Fans


The Kop


You'll Never Walk Alone


We're not English, we're Scouse


New Dawn over Anfield

03052005 liverpool v chelsea semi final champs league #media dmcs-4331258
10051986 lfc v everton f a cup final 3 1 crowd #media dmcs-4551751
20041974 lfc v everton 0 0 anfield crowd #media dmcs-4551741
the kop in full cry #media dmcs-4533485
fish eye lens view of anfield stadium #media dmcs-7919994

03.05.2005 Liverpool v Chelsea - Semi Final Champs League 2nd leg (1-0)


10.05.1986 LFC v Everton F A Cup final (3-1) - crowd


20.04.1974 LFC v Everton (0-0) - Anfield crowd


The Kop in full cry


Fish eye lens view of Anfield Stadium

flowers for hillsborough anfield #media dmcs-6576272
17031976 lfc v dynamo dresden uefa qf 2l 2 1 #media dmcs-4551771
allez les rouges #media dmcs-4546157
1974 lfc v everton anfield crowd #media dmcs-4437795
stadium fans #media dmcs-7648915

Flowers for Hillsborough - Anfield


17.03.1976 LFC v Dynamo Dresden UEFA QF 2L (2-1)


Allez les Rouges!


1974 LFC v Everton - Anfield crowd


Stadium & Fans

29011972 lfc v crystal palace 4 1 #media dmcs-6268461
12041978 lfc v borussia mgb ec semi final 3 0 #media dmcs-4551773
30041994 the kops last stand #media dmcs-4551723
06032007 lfc v barcelona cl 0 1 2 2 agg #media dmcs-4534587
commence operation anfield exercise #media dmcs-4533487

29.01.1972 LFC v Crystal Palace (4-1)


12.04.1978 LFC v Borussia MGB - EC Semi Final (3-0)


30.04.1994 The Kop's Last Stand


06.03.2007 LFC v Barcelona - CL (0-1, 2-2 agg)



liddlepool banner liverpool v blackburn rovers #media dmcs-4437813
c1912 spion kopflagpole corner #media dmcs-4437807
03051980 lfc v aston villa 4 1 league champions celebrations #media dmcs-8452153
stadium fans #media dmcs-7648907
the flowers of anfield #media dmcs-6576302

LIDDLEPOOL banner - Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers


c1912 Spion Kop/flagpole corner


03.05.1980 LFC v Aston Villa (4-1) - League Champions celebrations


Stadium & Fans


The Flowers of Anfield

03101984 lfc v lech poznan ec rd2 2l 4 0 #media dmcs-6308459
liverpool fans in the 80s #media dmcs-6275591
30041994 the kops last stand #media dmcs-6270277
3004 1994 the kops last stand #media dmcs-5385901


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03.10.1984 LFC v Lech Poznan - EC Rd2 2L (4-0)


Liverpool fans in the 80s


30.04.1994 The Kop's last stand


30.04 1994 The Kop's Last Stand



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